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Welcome to CIF Softball Officials!

The CIF Softball Officials website was developed to help aspiring officials obtain the information they need to get involved in the sport and become a successful official.  There is currently a continuing decline of available officials to participate across the entire sports spectrum.

By visiting our website, you have shown an interest in becoming an official and we hope to help you find your way.  As a high school official, we are there to provide guidance and integrity of the game we officiate.  Principles such as honesty, objectivity, and consistency are some terms that are commonly used to represent officials.

Sports in general provide the opportunity for student-athletes to learn life lessons that they will take forward as they move into the world such as good sportsmanship, learning to lose graciously, being a team player, etc.

Again, we continue to have a steady decline of officials year after year as the average age of officials continue to climb due to retirement, age, etc., but the incoming number of officials does not keep pace to offset the loss.

Some of the benefits you can expect by becoming a official…

  • Give back to a sport to provides so much for our female youth of today to become strong independent women in society.
  • A perfect way to obtain great exercise and be healthy while enjoying a face paced sport.
  • Extra income!  This is a hobby that truly pays you!
  • Hours are flexible and typically, most games are played in the mid-afternoons and weekends.
  • Gain the friendship and support of other officials.


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